LMC004 Rounded Family Console Table


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LMC004 Rounded Family Console Table

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Locial is our in house brand. Deriving from the words “Love” and “Special”, Locial adds a special touch to your home for you and your loved ones, including your pets!

These minimalistic coffee tables can act as a great stand to display items on, bringing more attention towards the items on display. It is available in different sizes and colours to mix and match.

Dimension : 800H x R225 mm

Material : Solid Wood, Plywood with wood grain laminate & edging, Low VOC glue 

Colour :  Wood

Feature : Round shaped with round rods

Function : Console Table


A stylish and distinctive addition to your decor. It suits most apartments and is versatile. You can arrange it according to your liking to match the aesthetic of the room.


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