LCT003 Beeble Stand Coffee Table


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LCT003 Beeble Stand Coffee Table

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Locial is our in house brand. Deriving from the words “Love” and “Special”, Locial adds a special touch to your home for you and your loved ones, including your pets!

This hexagonal coffee table would act as a good centrepiece in your apartment. The unique and stylish table will beautify your home. It resembles a honeycomb and will look good when side by side with the other coffee tables of the same series.

Dimension : 800H x 630W x 630D mm

Material : Bronze Mirror, Clear Mirror, Melamine Chipboard, Low VOC glue White

Colour : White

Feature : Hexagon shape and circle hole

Function : Coffee Table , Side Table, Console Table


This table is simplistic yet elegant and will make the room look more modern and fancy.



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