LSC006 3 Drawers Cabinet



LSC006 3 Drawers Cabinet

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Locial is our in house brand. Deriving from the words “Love” and “Special”, Locial adds a special touch to your home for you and your loved ones, including your pets!

The drawer cabinet acts as a good storage area in your bedroom. The cabinet is simple yet stylish, with a wood grain laminate as finishing, it is suitable for those who seek a cosy, yet minimalistic look. It is a soft-closing cabinet which minimises noise and damage to the cabinet, making it more long-lasting and durable.

Dimension : 670H x 640W x 460D mm

Material : Plywood with wood grain laminate and edging, Low VOC glue.

Colour : Wood grain

Feature : 3 Drawers Storage Cabinet

Function : Box


A sturdy and simple cabinet that has three compartments for you to store your items according to category. The top of the cabinet can also be used to display your items. It's simple yet functional design is sure to suit well with most aesthetics!


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