LST001 Beeble Petal Table


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LST001 Beeble Petal Table

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Locial is our in house brand. Deriving from the words “Love” and “Special”, Locial adds a special touch to your home for you and your loved ones, including your pets!

This uniquely designed coffee table is made with the use of triangular and hexagonal shapes to create a stylish and innovative look to it. You are able to place items within the coffee table as well as display items on top of it.

Dimension : 800H x 630R mm

Material : Melamine Chipboard, Low VOC glue

Colour : Solid Colors

Feature : Hexagon Shaped

Function : Side Table & Coffee Table


The Beeble Petal Table is an interesting piece that acts as both decor and a functional table. It is an original design that can't be found anywhere else. 


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